inspiring kids to put down the video games and do something creative!

about muse 4 change...

Our mission is to inspire the video game generation to pick up musical instruments, or creative tools, and get them involved in anything that doesn’t require a screen,; whether it be art, music, or other creative form of expression we are encouraging them to go outside and create healthier habits.


We work in lower income housing areas and community centers all over the world, putting on demonstrations and getting the audience engaged and active in performance as well as teaching them the technical side of creating a production.


We set up in schools, public places, community centers, and private homes to get kids involved and learning about everything from performance, production, videography, audio engineering, recording, and marketing for the entertainment industry.


Some people donate their time, skills, and expertise, as well as instruments and tools that can be provided to those that cannot afford it. If you would like to help with our cause, please feel free to make a donation or let us know where we can be of service in your community.


M4C Will do everything it can to connect interested youth with the tools and teachers that will enable them to pursue their dreams!

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